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2 weeks, 1 day, 3 hours (Huonville, Tasmania) 

Limited Edition: 1/5 + 2AP

Print size: 700mm x 700mm 

Paper: Archival Lustre Print 

Signed and dated on the reverse

This photograph has been exhibited at PhotoAccess Gallery Canberra, Australia May - June, 2020. 


From the series 'Eighty Lakes', 2019 - ongoing. 

This ongoing series, Eighty Lakes (2019 - present), investigates a vital connection between the fragility of analogue technology and the landscape and in an age of environmental instability. Eighty Lakes documents numerous Australian lakes taken between 2019 -2022. Once developed, the film was later submerged in water collected on site, for durations of up to two months. Gradually, the film became malleable, as minerals, bacteria and pollution of the water slowly disintegrated the medium into an unpredictable material abstraction. The work examines the devastation and violence inflicted upon the landscape; a fate mimicked in the now obsolete medium used to record it. The resulting ‘materialist photographs’ testify as indexical links to a reality that is doubly inflected as the landscape is registered on both a visual and physical level.

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